Overlooking Overlooks.


In the past 6 months of living on St. John, I have come to realize how many profound differences there are between vacationing here and residing here. While on vacation I remember craning my neck out of the taxi while driving down North Shore Road trying to soak up every glimpse of the overlooks as we passed by. I’ve noticed lately that I don’t even glance over anymore. The beauty of the island hasn’t changed, it’s just as stunning as it was last summer, but my perspective has changed and I’m not sure I like that.

trunk bay overlook

Trunk Bay

A lot has happened in the past couple of months, on island and at home, and I’ve been feeling a little numb. I go to work, I go to the beach on my days off, I hang out with my friends…but I don’t think I’m taking as much out of this experience as I should be. I’m tired of spending days in a bad mood over a stupid reason, I’m tired of not being happy enough with myself to enjoy being alone, and I’m really tired of feeling like there is “nothing to do.”

annaberg overlook

Leinster Bay 


My roommate had a friend visit and she had never been anywhere like the Caribbean before. She was overwhelmed with how amazing St. John is and as we sat on the beach watching the sunset over Cruz Bay, she went on and on about how happy everyone looked. That made me think about how I don’t even notice that anymore…I don’t notice the toddlers shrieking as the water splashes on their tiny toes, or the honeymooners taking too many kissing selfies, or the amount of joy pouring out of people who have worked all year for their one week. That is a pretty overpowering thought- people work all year long to be able to spend a week on this island and I can say with certainty that I have wasted a full week here being in a shitty mood.

cruz bay overlook

Cruz Bay

I am taking a vow to work on filtering out negative thoughts, focusing on my own happiness, and exploring to find more to make me feel fulfilled. There is a whole world here on this little island and it is time to refresh and see it from a new perspective. I am going to stop thinking about how I’d rather be in bed when someone asks if I want to go sit on an overlook after spending too long in town. I am going to stop compulsively checking my phone in hopes for a text while the sun is setting over the ocean right in front of me. I have been letting bad vibes and routineness cloud the views. I am going to stop overlooking overlooks.

coral bay overlook

Coral Bay


2 thoughts on “Overlooking Overlooks.

  1. True happiness is found from within. You can be sitting in a bus station Newark, NJ and if you are truly happy and love yourself, you’ll be happy waiting for that next Greyhound. Your surroundings are only the icing on the cake. If you are lucky enough to live in St. John you are lucky enough. I have nearly 3 decades on you, find something you like and stick with it. Make it a passion. True joy sometimes comes from charity work or from taking up a hobby that really inspires you. Help a local the minister, priest, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, visit the sick, assist the poor, Learn to cook, bake, learn a language, read one book a week, write poetry, take photos, paint, sculpt, exercise regularly, learn to play an instrument. I bet a local musician would trade two hours of lessons a week for two hours of babysitting a week. I wish you find your happiness and peace. Harness that beauty and magic and infuse it into your daily life! You can only go up from there.


    • YOU…..are extremely BLESSED to be on STJ…..I have 4 decades on you and at your age i dreamed and looked at magazines of pics of the Caribbean…things happen and could not ever make the move…altho i have been on STJ about ten times…first trip i saved up for 10 years to go…was determined. DONT put off what you HAVE to do and leave the partying and fun later…go to college and get a degree in the states…make money and then come back in 10 years with a profession and career…no worries… you will be still young at 35.. I wish i could be you with what I know now..i would be rich….do something now so when you are 50-60 years old you will have no regrets…!! and when you are that age you will be glad there is nothing to do while you go to the beach….you have the whole world at your hands..no more worries…about men… just let them be..concentrate on yourself..sorry if I am preaching..but it sounds like you need to do what is important now…oh and save for retirement too..it comes up fast…you really do have it good…and you dont know it..take some baby steps and achieve your goals….good luck and bless..ONE LOVE ALL DE TIME MON AND I REALLY ENJOY YOUR POSTS… KEEP EM COMING..THANKS


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