Find Out Who Your Friends Are

For anyone who hasn’t been around me or received a desperate phone call from me in the past week…here I am to inform you that my best friend left today. Krista and I met at the school where we both worked, she moved here Jan 1 and I moved here Jan 2, both from the same part of Northern VA. The day I met Kris, I told my friend Colleen in the car on the way home about her and Colleen said “Yep. That’s your girl. She’s going to be your island soul sister.” Well, she was.

I am heartbroken and devastated for selfish reasons because I just want her back here with me, but I am so proud and so excited for her taking her next step. This is part of living in a place like this…people come and go. That’s what I keep hearing, at least. I am just hours into the process of having one of my closest friends leave, but I have already learned so much. First of all, it SUCKS coming home to an empty apartment. I knew that already, but it had been so long that I kind of forgot what it feels like. I’m an emotional, single, 23 year old girl far far away from home, coming home to an empty apartment. OUCH. I needed to get out of the apartment, so Carly told me to pull myself together, grab a happy hour drink at Rum Hut and go visit her at work. I parked my car in town, called my ex boyfriend in hopes that would make me feel better, proved myself wrong for the 100th time, and walked into happy hour on the verge of tears. When I walked up to the bar two of my good friends were sitting there, my favorite bartender was working, and I sat down and felt better in about 2 seconds. They all already knew I was upset…they knew my friend left and they were there to tell me about their stories of their first friend leaving, they were there to take a shot with me and they were there to help me make a plan for my next step. I walked in feeling empty because my friend was gone, but left very well reminded that I have friends wherever I go on this little island.

Your friends are the ones that know you’re a hot mess but are going to stand behind you and tell you that we’re all hot messes, buy you a shot and give you hug. Your friends are the people you meet and know from day 1 they’re going to be in your wedding. Your friends are the ones that tell you that you really don’t seem that drunk, the mascara smeared across your face is barely noticeable, and that you can sit at their bar and keep crying into your patron margarita all night long.

Thank you to Alex and Melissa for just being at the bar when I walked in. I needed that more than you know. Thank you to Bizzy for listening, understanding, and telling me how you got through it when it happened to you. But mostly Bizzy- thank you for the bombs and for blowing bubbles at me. Bubbles make everything better. Thank you to Kim for that sympathetic look on your face as soon as I walked into bdeck. I needed that compassion and understanding, and you gave it to me before one word left my lips. Thank you to my sweet Carly Jo, for rubbing my back and telling me everything is going to be okay, while simultaneously laughing at me for being such a disaster. You know I need you, and you’re always there.

I am going to miss Kris more than I can put into words. We started this journey at the same time and everything we learned, we learned standing next to each other. I am forever grateful for her friendship and it will be one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Sometimes you just know, and with her…I just know.



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