Island Time, Friends (New & Old), and Walking Uphill Both Ways. 

My idea of live posting from my vacation to St. John worked out really well, as you can see how I’m posting from the airport on my way home. Oops. I’m going to credit that to island time. Island time is what you hear people say a lot, basically meaning you’ll get to it when you get to it, but in like a really pleasant way that doesn’t make anyone mad. Except this one lady in our taxi when we were leaving Trunk Bay, and she was going back to the ferry to her hotel on St. Thomas. When Kerri and I got on the taxi, the dispatcher told us our driver would be there in 5 minutes. We took that as a loose 15, and sat and got comfortable. About 10 minutes later, the unhappy woman and her drunken crew climbed aboard, asked us how long we’d been waiting and stated that we already should have complained. We just smiled and kept on relaxing, as she kept on expressing her deep feelings about the taxi driver not making us his very first life priority. Another family had climbed on, and as she kept talking, the new woman said “Oh it’s fine. Island time.” The mad lady responded and said “F!$& island time, I’m never coming back to this island. I can’t do this crap.” Well sweetie, we will surely miss the delight you bring to the island! 

I love island time and I think I’ve been on island time since I was about 18 years old. I am generally very patient when people are running late, and I deeply appreciate people who are patient with me, so I don’t think I will have a hard time adjusting to that part of the lifestyle. So I planned on writing more, like I also planned on working from the hotel and other ambitious goals, but then nap time and happy hour happened. It’ll happen when it happens. #islandtime

I love new friends, and I love old friends, and I love it even more when they combine in perfect harmony. Before this trip I had talked to so many people online and planned to meet and hang out with people while I was there, including my new roommate. It’s always a little weird meeting people in person for the first timethat you’ve   already been connected with, but within the first few minutes of meeting some of these people I felt like I’ve known them for years. This trip has been so amazing for many reasons, one of them being that I have people to come back to. When I move I won’t have to feel alone and awkward for the first few days while I’m already going through such a huge transition. I’ll be able to hang out with people and my roommate and actually feel at home in a brand new place. Kerri and I saw people we knew almost every day, met up with friends for drinks or for brunch, and stopped and said hi to at least one person every time we walked anywhere. That’s a good feeling for the newbie. I was also so happy that Kerri got along with everyone, and never felt like I was taking away from our vacation together to be with other people. It all just worked out really well, and I’m really happy about that. 

My new apartment is just about a 10 minute walk into town, it’s up on a hill so it gets a great breeze, which is necessary since there’s no AC, it’s fully furnished and has gorgeous dark hardwood floors. There’s a little deck that has a gorgeous view of the water, and little pineapples carved into the wood. It’s definitely not what I’m used to and it’s an island apartment by all means, and it is crazy expensive as they all are, but it’s perfect and it’s mine. And I love it. The walk is something I will have to get used to…you know the story everyone’s parents have told them about having to walk to school uphill both ways? I’m sure we all had a different rendition, including snow, being barefoot, having a hot potato in their pocket or some other weird white lie- but I can absolutely say I relate to the uphill both ways thing. It literally feels like no matter where you walk, you are going to be going up a hill in both directions. It must just be the multitude of hills that make it feel like you’re on a constant incline, but in a few months enter me in a calf muscle competition and I will be at least first runner up. 

In the next very short 12 days, I will be finishing my class and internship, having my graduation party, graduating from college (what?) and packing and moving out of my house in Norfolk. Saying goodbye to a lot of friends, families I’ve babysat for, including kids that I have been a part of their lives since birth. It is going to be quick and surreal, but I’m closing a chapter in my life so I can open a new one. My little island life. So in between putting furniture on Craigslist, writing thank you notes, completing my role as an intern, and walking across the stage, I will write more about my fabulous vacation. Until then. 


2 thoughts on “Island Time, Friends (New & Old), and Walking Uphill Both Ways. 

  1. The problem with that lady is that she was staying on St. Thomas. That’s not a real VI. It’s more like New Jersey. She needs to go back to St Thomas and buy some fake jewelry . 🙂 no offense New Jersey .

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