Kenny Chesney & St. John.

Kenny Chesney and St. John go together like coconut and rum. Kenny has always been my favorite artist, and I totally credit him for my St. John obsession which started way back in middle school. Back in the day, we saw Kenny in concert every year, and I have the best memories from those concerts. We’d put on our jean skirts, boots, and pink cowboy hats and sing way too loud to every song, and even break out my choreographed motions to “When The Sun Goes Down”.
One year, when I was on vacation with my moms side of the family, my dad and my step-mom totally transformed my bedroom into a Kenny Chesney themed island paradise. All four walls are painted with a mural of the islands, a little tiki hut is painted with a sign saying “Chesney’s Beach Bar”, and song titles are written is silver paint in the clouds, like “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem”, and “Dreams”. I was raised on Kenny, and raised listening to his words about the islands, specifically St. John. Recently when I’ve been listening to his songs, I can’t help but smile and even just start laughing because I can’t even believe how well I relate, and how I’ve been listening to these songs for my whole life, dreaming about this life he has in the islands, and how it’s not a dream anymore, it’s a plan. Something I’ve been dreaming about since I was too little to wrap my head around what it really meant, is now happening to me. I never really took that dream seriously. To me, St. John was no more than a week-long vacation. Until all of the sudden I thought- wait. I can actually live there if I want to. And I do, so I am.
“Sherry’s living, living in paradise. Chasing something or running from something, she’s had a lot of lovers that were good for nothing and she’s thought about leaving once or twice, but she’s still in the sun and this laid back life. Sherry’s living in paradise.”
Be As You Are (Songs From An Old Blue Chair), has been getting me through my doubts. When I have moments that I’m scared shitless, or think that I’m insane and it’s never going to work, I scroll through my phone and click play on that album, and I’m grounded again. I have the opportunity, the resources and the support to make an actual dream come true. A dream that so many people have, and so little people can do in their lifetime. I would be crazy to give that up. So I want to be like Kenny who watches boats sail in and out of Cinnamon Bay, and Sherry slinging drinks at a bar down by the beach, and the girl in “Boston” who wears a Red Sox cap to hide her baby dreads. I want to be like them, so here I go.
A week from tomorrow I start my two-week vacation in St. John with my best friend Kerri, and during that vacation I will be signing the lease on my apartment with my new roommate Carly, and I will be going to two different job interviews. Interviews and lease signings don’t sound like like things you do on vacation, but when you’re moving to paradise, it just doesn’t sound too bad.


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